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Séminaire Orléanais de Linguistique

Séminaire Orléanais de Linguistique

Lieu : LLSH - salle 122 (salle du conseil)

Horaire : 14h

Invité :  Ronny Meyer (INaLCO, LLACAN) sur le marquage de cas dans une langue éthio-sémitique


Sujet : Argument marking in Muher

Most Ethiosemitic languages mark a noun for a range of case functions by a single affix (cf. Hetzron 1972:120, 1977:30–34). However, in Muher, a Gunnän Gurage language of the South Ethiosemitic branch, the core cases – i.e. the accusative (1a), dative (1c), and genitive (1b) – are marked by a single morpheme, namely the prefix jä-

The respective function of jä- can only be inferred from the morphosyntactic context. Semantic/peripheral cases can be marked by a number of affixes, or remain unmarked. Consequently, plain nouns may function as subject, object or adverb. In this paper, I will discuss the complexity of case and argument marking in Muher. I will show that subjects are distinguished from objects by word order and verb indexes, which are also used to differentiate between primary objects of ditransitive verbs and beneficiary adjuncts. I argue that the core cases are primarily marked through word order and verb indexes, whereas the prefix jä- is rather a pragmatically motivated augment originating most probably from the early Semitic deictic element *j(ä) (cf. Lipiński 1997:345; Wilmsen 2013:80) – but not from the Ethiosemitic dative prefix *lä-, or the genitive prefix *zä-, as commonly assumed (e.g. Hetzron 1977: 34; Leslau 1979:1045; Goldenberg 2013:145).

APL. BEN benefactive-applicative, DCM declarative clause marker, SJ subject, OJ object

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==CALENDRIER SOL 2018/2019==

27 septembre - Anne-Lyse Minard (Orléans, LLL) Extraction d'information en domaine général et en domaine de spécialité

18 octobre - Alain Sanou (Ouagadougou) sur l'oralité dans la culture bobo

08 novembre - Yanka Bezinska (Grenoble, LIDILEM) Encodage des situations causatives en français et en bulgare

22 novembre - Xiaoliang Luo (École Polytechnique/Tours, LLL) Quelle phonologie pour quel chinois ?

24 janvier - Ronny Meyer (INaLCO, LLACAN) Argument marking in Muher

14 févrer - Olivier Bonami (Paris 7, LLF)

07 mars - Sascha Diwersy (Montpellier, Praxiling)

24 mars - Laurent Besacier (Grenoble, LIG)

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Jeudi, 24 Janvier, 2019 - 14:00
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